Cream of Watercress Soup
A delicious cream of watercress soup which is also low in fat (suitable for vegetarians)
Recipe kindly supplied by Collin Milne

Chicken and Watercress Pie
A good pie to eat cold, stuffed with a light mix of ricotta and green, peppery watercress, over a layer of poached chicken

Salmon in Watercress cream sauce
This recipe was kindly supplied by Melvyn Cooper

Watercress and fruit smoothie
If you like eating fruit – but especially if you don’t – then this is for you.

Golden Chicken and Watercress Bake
Family favourite

The Ultimate Watercress Sandwich
This is the one!

Watercress and Avocado Salsa

Stilton and Watercress Spread

Indonesian Watercress Soup

Watercress Brushetta

Watercress Wraps

Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix
Make your own Italian Dressing for the Watercress Wraps recipe.

Watercress & mandarin orange salad

Oriental Seafood Soup
With watercress and fresh ginger

Watercress French Toast
with Goat’s Cheese

Watercress Pizza
With Ricotta, Plum tomatoes and Fresh basil

Chargrilled vegetables
With Watercress and Crispy Bacon

Citrus Salad
With Watercress and apple

Avocado Salad
With Watercress and Warm Bacon

Pepper Leaf Salad
With Roasted Peppers and Chili Oil Dressing

Salmon Fillets
With a Watercress and Crème Fraiche Sauce

Salmon in Watercress Cream Sauce

Watercress and Prawn Roulade
With Mascarpone Cheese

Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes
With Watercress

Tuna and Watercress Quiche
Click on ‘Recipe’

Soufflé Baked potatoes
With Parmesan Cheese and Watercress

Pheasant Filo Pie
With Watercress and Cranberries

Chilli Chicken & Watercress Salsa

With Walnut and Watercress Pesto

Cheese and Watercress Scones

Stilton and Walnut Crumpets
With Watercress and Celery Salad

Quick Watercress Mayonnaise
Delicious, quick and easy. Ideal with cold salmon, seafood, asparagus, or served as a dip

Quick Watercress Salad
Quick and simple to make, this has to be one of the tastiest salads you will ever eat. It has a wonderful tangy flavor that brings out the peppery freshness of watercress. The dressing can be used with any number of salad ingredients, but goes especially

Swordfish with a Watercress Crust

Shrimp and Lobster Salad

Smoked Salmon Ribbon Sandwiches